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[Python-Dev] Failing tests (on a Linux distro)

2018-07-02 9:38 GMT+02:00 Petr Viktorin <encukou at gmail.com>:
> On 07/02/18 00:59, Miro Hron?ok wrote:
>> Note that we (=Fedora) unfortunately skip some tests.
>> (...)
> [with my Fedora hat on]
> Fedora* has been building python37 since the alphas, so the final update to
> rc/stable was smoother.
> (...)
> * Thanks to Miro Hron?ok for most of the work in Fedora

(I'm now working in the Python Maintenance team with Petr Viktorin and
Miro Hron?ok.)

This work is super useful to prepare third party modules for Python
3.7, but also to spot regressions and bugs in Python 3.7. Fedora also
helped to detect issues with the latest glibc for example.


konlpy fails on 3.7 because calling Py_Initialize() twice fails with a
fatal error

Setting LANG=C modifies the --version behavior

test_crypt segfaults when using libxcrypt instead of libcrypt

NIS module fails to build due to the removal of interfaces related to
Sun RPC from glibc.

Sadly, one issue has been detected too late and has not been fixed
before 3.7.0 final: