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[all][tc] Formalizing cross-project pop-up teams

Ildiko Vancsa <ildiko.vancsa at gmail.com> wrote: 
>>On 2019. Feb 11., at 23:26, Adam Spiers <aspiers at suse.com> wrote: 
>>>To help with all this I would start the experiment with wiki pages 
>>>and etherpads as these are all materials you can point to without too 
>>>much formality to follow so the goals, drivers, supporters and 
>>>progress are visible to everyone whoâ??s interested and to the TC to 
>>>follow-up on. 
>>>Do we expect an approval process to help with or even drive either of 
>>>the crucial steps I listed above? 
>>I'm not sure if it would help.  But I agree that visibility is 
>>important, and by extension also discoverability.  To that end I think 
>>it would be worth hosting a central list of popup initiatives 
>>somewhere which links to the available materials for each initiative. 
>>Maybe it doesn't matter too much whether that central list is simply a 
>>wiki page or a static web page managed by Gerrit under a governance 
>>repo or similar. 
>I would start with a wiki page as it stores history as well and itâ??s easier to edit. Later on if we feel the need to be more formal we can move to a static web page and use Gerrit. 

Sounds good to me.  Do we already have some popup teams?  If so we 
could set this up straight away.