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Subject: Re: [Trove] State of the Trove service tenant deployment model


We are mainly focus on Ironic, we put the DB topics a little bit aside. Sorry.

Jean-Daniel Bonnetot
ovh.com <http://ovh.com> | @pilgrimstack

On 11/02/2019 16:51, "Thierry Carrez" <thierry at openstack.org> wrote:

    Lingxian Kong wrote:
    > On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 7:04 AM Darek Król <dkrol3 at gmail.com 
    > <mailto:dkrol3 at gmail.com>> wrote:
    >     Hello Lingxian,
    >     Iâ??ve heard about a few tries of running Trove in production.
    >     Unfortunately, I didnâ??t have opportunity to get details about
    >     networking. At Samsung, we introducing Trove into our products for
    >     on-premise cloud platforms. However, I cannot share too many details
    >     about it, besides it is oriented towards performance and security is
    >     not a concern. Hence, the networking is very basic without any
    >     layers of abstractions if possible.
    >     Could you share more details about your topology and goals you want
    >     to achieve in Trove ? Maybe Trove team could help you in this ?
    >     Unfortunately, Iâ??m not a network expert so I would need to get more
    >     details to understand your use case better.
    > Yeah, I think trove team could definitely help. I've been working on a 
    > patch[1] to support different sgs for different type of neutron ports, 
    > the patch is for the use case that `CONF.default_neutron_networks` is 
    > configured as trove management network.
    > Besides, I also have some patches[2][3] for trove need to be reviewed, 
    > not sure who are the right people I should ask for review now, but would 
    > appriciate if you could help.
    I think OVH has been deploying Trove as well, or at least considering 
    it... Ccing Jean-Daniel in case he can bring some insights on that.