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[tc] cdent non-nomination for TC

Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org> writes:

> Jeremy Stanley wrote:
>> On 2019-02-08 12:34:18 +0000 (+0000), Chris Dent wrote:
>> [...]
>>> I do not intend to run. I've done two years and that's enough. When
>>> I was first elected I had no intention of doing any more than one
>>> year but at the end of the first term I had not accomplished much of
>>> what I hoped, so stayed on. Now, at the end of the second term I
>>> still haven't accomplished much of what I hoped
>> [...]
>> You may not have accomplished what you set out to, but you certainly
>> have made a difference. You've nudged lines of discussion into
>> useful directions they might not otherwise have gone, provided a
>> frequent reminder of the representative nature of our governance,
>> and produced broadly useful summaries of our long-running
>> conversations. I really appreciate what you brought to the TC, and
>> am glad you'll still be around to hold the rest of us (and those who
>> succeed you/us) accountable. Thanks!
> Jeremy said it better than I could have ! While I really appreciated the 
> perspective you brought to the TC, I understand the need to focus to 
> have the most impact.
> It's also a good reminder that the role that the TC fills can be shared 
> beyond the elected membership -- so if you care about a specific aspect 
> of governance, OpenStack-wide technical leadership or community health, 
> I encourage you to participate in the TC activities, whether you are 
> elected or not.
> -- 
> Thierry Carrez (ttx)

Yes, I'm piling on a bit late so I'll keep this short and just say I
agree with all of the above and have definitely found your perspective
valuable. Thank you!