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Fwd: UC Candidacy

This email is my nomination to re-run for the OpenStack User Committee

I have been involved with OpenStack as an operator since the Grizzly
release working with both private and public cloud environments. I
have been an upstream
contributor since the Mitaka release cycle and I am currently a Core
Reviewer for OpenStack-Ansible which works closely with operators to help
them  set up their deployments and insight for our direction. I believe I
bring valuable insight to the User Committee being involved as both an AUC
and ATC.

Through my involvement with the OpenStack Upstream Institute and Diversity
Working Group, I have been very active in helping to bring new members to
our community and more importantly working to find new ways to keep them
involved once they join.

There is still work I would like to continue working on, such as the OPS
Meetups and the OpenStack mentoring programs to help get more Operators
involved in the community.


Amy (spotz)
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