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[Openstack] (Juno - *sigh*) Want non-admin access to hypervisor:VM association.

Hey, all.  We've got a Juno cloud, and we'd like various end-users to be 
able to see which hypervisors their VMs spring up on.  
/etc/nova/policy.json seems to have some relevant info, but it's hard to 
tell what does what.   "compute_extension:hypervisors" looks like a 
possible candidate, but that's so vague that there's no telling what, 
exactly, is meant by "hypervisors".  So:

* Given that I just want the hypervisor:VM association, any suggestions 
as to which rule(s) to modify?
* Failing that, wondering if there's any for-real documentation on what 
the various options in policy.json *do*.  I've found many, many lists of 
what's in a generic policy.json, but nothing that went into detail about 
what does what.