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[Openstack] [PackStack][Cinder] On which node OpenStack store data of each instance

OpenStack stores volumes wherever you configure it to store them. On a 
disk array, an NFS server, a Ceph cluster, a dedicated storage node, a 
controller or even a compute node. And more.

My guess: Volumes on controllers or compute nodes are not a good 
solution for production systems.

By default, Packstack implements Cinder volumes as LVM volumes on the 
controller. It's probably possible to put the LVM volumes on other 
nodes, and it is definitely possible to configure a different backend 
than LVM, for example Netapp, in which case the volumes would be on a 
Netapp appliance.

On 11/12/2018 9:34 PM, Soheil Pourbafrani wrote:
> My question is does OpenStack store volumes somewhere other than 
> the compute node?
> For example in PackStack on two nodes, one for controller and network 
> and the other for compute node, the instance's volumes will be stored 
> on the controller or on compute?

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