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[Openstack] [glance] task in pending state, image in uploading state

On 11/12/18 5:07 AM, Bernd Bausch wrote:
> Trying Glance's new import process, my images are all stuck in status
> uploading (both methods glance-direct and web-download).
> I can see that there are tasks for those images; they are pending. The
> Glance API log doesn't contain anything that clues me in (debug logging
> is enabled).
> The source code is too involved for my feeble Python and OpenStack
> Internals skills.
> *How can I find out what blocks the tasks? *
> This is a stable Rocky Devstack without any customization of the Glance
> config.

The tasks engine Glance uses to facilitate the "new" (experimental in
Pike, current in Queens) image import process does not work when Glance
is deployed as a WSGI application using uWSGI [0]; as you observed, the
tasks remain stuck in 'pending'.  You can apply this patch [1] to your
devstack Glance and restart devstack at g-api and image import should work
without additional glance api-changes (the patch applied cleanly last
time I checked, which was a Stein-1 milestone devstack; it should apply
cleanly to your stable Rocky devstack).  You may also want to take a
look at the Glance admin guide [2] to see what configuration options are

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/545483/

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