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[Openstack] [all] Results of the T release naming poll. open

Hello all!
    The results of the naming poll are in!

**PLEASE REMEMBER** that these now have to go through legal vetting. So
it is too soon to say 'OpenStack Train' is our next release, given that
previous polls have had some issues with the top choice.

In any case, the names will be sent off to legal for vetting. As soon as
we have a final winner, I'll let you all know.


1. Train  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Tiger  loses to Train by 142â??70
3. Timber  loses to Train by 142â??72, loses to Tiger by 100â??76
4. Trail  loses to Train by 150â??55, loses to Timber by 93â??62
5. Telluride  loses to Train by 155â??56, loses to Trail by 81â??69
6. Teller  loses to Train by 158â??46, loses to Telluride by 70â??67
7. Treasure  loses to Train by 151â??52, loses to Teller by 68â??67
8. Teakettle  loses to Train by 158â??49, loses to Treasure by 75â??67
9. Tincup  loses to Train by 157â??47, loses to Teakettle by 67â??60
10. Turret  loses to Train by 158â??48, loses to Tincup by 75â??56
11. Thomas  loses to Train by 159â??42, loses to Turret by 66â??63
12. Trinidad  loses to Train by 153â??44, loses to Thomas by 70â??56
13. Troublesome  loses to Train by 165â??41, loses to Trinidad by 69â??62
14. Thornton  loses to Train by 163â??35, loses to Troublesome by 62â??59
15. Tyrone  loses to Train by 163â??35, loses to Thornton by 58â??38
16. Tarryall  loses to Train by 170â??31, loses to Tyrone by 54â??50
17. Timnath  loses to Train by 170â??23, loses to Tarryall by 60â??32
18. Tiny Town  loses to Train by 168â??29, loses to Timnath by 45â??43
19. Torreys  loses to Train by 167â??29, loses to Tiny Town by 48â??40
20. Trussville  loses to Train by 169â??25, loses to Torreys by 43â??34
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