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[Openstack] Seeking user/operator feedback on the vision for OpenStack clouds

The TC is leading an initiative to write down a vision for what 
OpenStack clouds could eventually look like - essentially interpreting 
the OpenStack Mission Statement at a level of detail that's sufficient 
to inform technical and governance decisions. You can read the current 
draft here:


Feedback from the technical community suggests to me that it's getting 
pretty close to accurately capturing what we thought we should have been 
building. However, there's obviously no point in developers doing this 
in isolation if the thing we describe isn't what actual or potential 
operators and users of OpenStack want. Thus, we're seeking feedback from 
the wider OpenStack community on the vision. There are a number of ways 
to get involved:

* You can comment directly on the review https://review.openstack.org/592205

* Replies to this thread are also welcome.

* There will be a brief presentation on this topic at the joint 
leadership meeting with the Board, UC, and TC in Berlin: 

* Attend this Forum session at the Summit in Berlin where we'll be 
listening to feedback and discussing the next steps: 

I look forward to hearing from y'all :)