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[Openstack] [tripleo] can't deploy Newton undercloud

I am trying to set up Tripleo for Newton (why Newton you ask? The
RHCSA/RHOSP exam is based on Newton). Unexpectedly, I run into a brick
wall when deploying the undercloud. *Any suggestions how to troubleshoot

The last messages are:

    puppet apply exited with exit code 6
    + '[' 6 '!=' 2 -a 6 '!=' 0 ']'
    + exit 6
    [2018-11-05 00:47:13,779] (os-refresh-config) [ERROR] during
    configure phase. [Command '['dib-run-parts',
    '/usr/libexec/os-refresh-config/configure.d']' returned non-zero
    exit status 1]

    [2018-11-05 00:47:13,779] (os-refresh-config) [ERROR] Aborting...
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
    line 1258, in install
    line 1022, in _run_orc
        _run_live_command(args, instack_env, 'os-refresh-config')
    line 522, in _run_live_command
        raise RuntimeError('%s failed. See log for details.' % name)
    RuntimeError: os-refresh-config failed. See log for details.

Neither /var/log nor /opt have any trace of os-refresh-config. *Where
should I look for log? *And***where do I find more information about the
**/puppet apply /**error? /var/log/puppet is empty.*

~/.instack/install-undercloud.log contains one other message labeled
with "error". Not sure if it's relevant:

    Error: /Stage[main]/Keystone::Roles::Admin/Keystone_user[admin]:
    Could not evaluate: Execution of '/bin/openstack token issue
    --format value' returned 1: Certificate did not match expected
    hostname: Certificate: {'subjectAltName': (('DNS',
    ''),), 'notBefore': u'Nov  4 15:04:13 2018 GMT',
    'serialNumber': u'03553ED8BBF040FEAF44FE8C95A45CB2', 'notAfter':
    'Nov  4 14:58:20 2019 GMT', 'version': 3L, 'subject':
    ((('commonName', u''),),), 'issuer': ((('commonName',
    u'Local Signing Authority'),), (('commonName',
    SSL exception connecting to *hostname
    '' doesn't match ''* (tried 21, for a
    total of 170 seconds)^[[0m

So it seems that hostname doesn't match
*How can I convince SSL that they do actually match?*

To get to this point, I followed the steps in the Tripleo install guide
The undercloud.conf is almost verbatim from Keith Tenzer's blog


    # local interface is connected to the provisioning network
    # which is used to PXE-install the overcloud nodes
    local_interface = eth0
    local_ip =
    undercloud_public_vip =
    undercloud_admin_vip =

    masquerade_network =
    dhcp_start =
    dhcp_end =
    network_cidr =
    network_gateway =
    inspection_iprange =,
    generate_service_certificate = true
    certificate_generation_ca = local

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