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[Openstack] [PackStack][Neutron] How to configure for external network


I installed PackStack on two nodes, one as Controller and Network, the
other as the Compute Node. After installation, I created a new br-ex
interface and I did OVS settings. I also define two internal and external
network (flat) and router and interfaces.
The internal network range IP is not a valid range and for the test, I set
it in I can lunch instances using internal network and VMs
can connect to each other using that.
The external range IP is the same as our Provider range IP (the range that
our devices get when connecting to the internet). But lunching instances
using the external network it can't connect to the internet or ping other
devices in the network (proper security groups are set). IMy question was,
is there any tutorial for configuring the network in two nodes so VMs can
connect to the internet? What kind of Network does it need? flat, vlan or

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