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[Openstack] Database (Got timeout reading communication packets)

>While I was working on something else I remembered the error messages >you described, I have them, too. It's a lab environment on hardware >nodes with a sufficient network connection, and since we had to debug >network issues before, we can rule out network problems in our case. >I found a website [1] to track down galera issues, I tried to apply >those steps and it seems that the openstack code doesn't close the >connections properly, hence the aborted connections. >I'm not sure if this is the correct interpretation, but since I didn't >face any problems related to the openstack databases I decided to >ignore these messages as long as the openstack environment works >properly. I did think something similar to this initially when I noticed a high number of sleeping connections, but because I was unsure I thought to ask. Because this effects all Openstack services as a whole, what project would I file a bug report on?

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