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[Openstack] Database (Got timeout reading communication packets)

While I was working on something else I remembered the error messages  
you described, I have them, too. It's a lab environment on hardware  
nodes with a sufficient network connection, and since we had to debug  
network issues before, we can rule out network problems in our case.
I found a website [1] to track down galera issues, I tried to apply  
those steps and it seems that the openstack code doesn't close the  
connections properly, hence the aborted connections.
I'm not sure if this is the correct interpretation, but since I didn't  
face any problems related to the openstack databases I decided to  
ignore these messages as long as the openstack environment works  


[1] https://www.fromdual.ch/abbrechende-mariadb-mysql-verbindungen

Zitat von Torin Woltjer <torin.woltjer at granddial.com>:

>> are these interruptions occasionally or do they occur all the time? Is
>> this a new issue or has this happened before?
> This is a 3 node Galera cluster on 3 KVM virtual machines. The errors are
> constantly printing in the logs, and no node is excluded from receiving the
> errors. I don't know whether they had always been there or not, but I
> noticed them after an update.
>> Does the openstack environment work as expected despite these messages
>> or do you experience interruptions in the services?
> The openstack services operate normally, the dashboard is fairly slow, but it
> always has been.
>> I would check the network setup first (I have read about loose cables
>> in different threads...), maybe run some ping tests between the
>> machines to see if there's anything weird. Since you mention different
>> services reporting these interruptions this seems like a network issue
>> to me.
> The hosts are all networked with bonded 10G SFP+ cables networked via a
> switch. Pings between the VMs seem fine. If I were to guess, any networking
> problem would be between the guest and host due to libvirt. Anything that I
> should be looking for there?