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[Openstack] Database (Got timeout reading communication packets)

>are these interruptions occasionally or do they occur all the time? Is  
>this a new issue or has this happened before?

This is a 3 node Galera cluster on 3 KVM virtual machines. The errors are 
constantly printing in the logs, and no node is excluded from receiving the 
errors. I don't know whether they had always been there or not, but I 
noticed them after an update.

>Does the openstack environment work as expected despite these messages  
>or do you experience interruptions in the services?

The openstack services operate normally, the dashboard is fairly slow, but it 
always has been.

>I would check the network setup first (I have read about loose cables  
>in different threads...), maybe run some ping tests between the  
>machines to see if there's anything weird. Since you mention different  
>services reporting these interruptions this seems like a network issue  
>to me.

The hosts are all networked with bonded 10G SFP+ cables networked via a 
switch. Pings between the VMs seem fine. If I were to guess, any networking 
problem would be between the guest and host due to libvirt. Anything that I 
should be looking for there?

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