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[Openstack] Database (Got timeout reading communication packets)


are these interruptions occasionally or do they occur all the time? Is  
this a new issue or has this happened before?
Does the openstack environment work as expected despite these messages  
or do you experience interruptions in the services?

I would check the network setup first (I have read about loose cables  
in different threads...), maybe run some ping tests between the  
machines to see if there's anything weird. Since you mention different  
services reporting these interruptions this seems like a network issue  
to me.


Zitat von Torin Woltjer <torin.woltjer at granddial.com>:

> Just the other day I noticed a bunch of errors spewing from the  
> mysql service. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to track this  
> down, and I haven't had any luck figuring out why this is happening.  
> The following line is repeatedly spewed in the service's journal.
> May 08 11:13:47 UBNTU-DBMQ2 mysqld[20788]: 2018-05-08 11:13:47  
> 140127545740032 [Warning] Aborted connection 211 to db: 'nova_api'  
> user: 'nova' host: '' (Got timeout reading  
> communication packets)
> It isn't always nova_api, it's happening with all of the openstack  
> projects. And either of the controller node's ip addresses.
> The database is a mariadb galera cluster. Removing haproxy has no  
> effect. The output only occurs on the node receiving the  
> connections; with haproxy it is multiple nodes, otherwise it is  
> whatever node I specify as database in my controllers' host file's.