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[Openstack] Database (Got timeout reading communication packets)

Just the other day I noticed a bunch of errors spewing from the mysql service. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to track this down, and I haven't had any luck figuring out why this is happening. The following line is repeatedly spewed in the service's journal.

May 08 11:13:47 UBNTU-DBMQ2 mysqld[20788]: 2018-05-08 11:13:47 140127545740032 [Warning] Aborted connection 211 to db: 'nova_api' user: 'nova' host: '' (Got timeout reading communication packets)

It isn't always nova_api, it's happening with all of the openstack projects. And either of the controller node's ip addresses.

The database is a mariadb galera cluster. Removing haproxy has no effect. The output only occurs on the node receiving the connections; with haproxy it is multiple nodes, otherwise it is whatever node I specify as database in my controllers' host file's.

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