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[Openstack] HA Compute & Instance Evacuation

> There is no HA behaviour for compute nodes.
> You are referring to HA of workloads running on compute nodes, not HA of
> compute nodes themselves.
It was a mistake for me to say HA when referring to compute and instances. Really I want to avoid a situation where one of my compute hosts gives up the ghost, and all of the instances are offline until someone reboots them on a different host. I would like them to automatically reboot on a healthy compute node.

> Check out Masakari:
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Masakari
This looks like the kind of thing I'm searching for.

I'm seeing 3 components here, I'm assuming one goes on compute hosts and one or both of the others go on the control nodes? Is there any documentation outlining the procedure for deploying this? Will there be any problem running the Masakari API service on 2 machines simultaneously, sitting behind HAProxy?

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