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[Openstack] HA Compute & Instance Evacuation

On 05/02/2018 02:43 PM, Torin Woltjer wrote:
> I am working on setting up Openstack for HA and one of the last orders of
> business is getting HA behavior out of the compute nodes.

There is no HA behaviour for compute nodes.

> Is there a project that will automatically evacuate instances from a
> downed or failed compute host, and automatically reboot them on their
> new host?
Check out Masakari:


> I'm curious what suggestions people have about this, or whatever
> advice you might have. Is there a best way of getting this
> functionality, or anything else I should be aware of?

You are referring to HA of workloads running on compute nodes, not HA of 
compute nodes themselves.

My advice would be to install Kubernetes on one or more VMs (with the 
VMs acting as Kubernetes nodes) and use that project's excellent 
orchestrator for daemonsets/statefulsets which is essentially the use 
case you are describing.

The OpenStack Compute API (implemented in Nova) is not an orchestration 
API. It's a low-level infrastructure API for executing basic actions on 
compute resources.