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[Openstack] [Fuel] add custom settings to a fuel deploy

Hi list,

Weâ??ve created a pretty large openstack Newton HA environment using fuel.
After initial hiccups with deployment (not all fuel troubles) we can now
add additional compute nodes to the environment with ease!

Thank you for all whoâ??ve worked on all the projects to make this product.

My question has to do with something I think I should know already: How can
we get fuel to stop overwriting custom settings in our environment? When we
deploy new compute nodes, original openstack settings on all nodes are

For example we have changes to settings in these files on the controller








Iâ??m guessing the method to resolve this is not to stop fuel from
overwriting settings, but to add to fuel some tasks that sets these custom
settings again near the end of each deploy.

Iâ??m sure this is something I am supposed to know already, but so far in my
route thru Openstack land experience with this has escaped me.

Can you send me some advice, pointers, places to start?


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