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[Openstack] openstack deployment tools

Samuel Cassiba wrote:
> In that same vein, I don't see Puppet, Chef, Helm, etc. in the Project 
> Navigator, despite each project existing prior to the time the 
> Navigator was made. The Map shows them all classified as "packaging", 
> despite the projects calling themselves deployment/lifecycle. This 
> results in a reduced world view in the Navigator, resulting in 
> newcomers only knowing about a subset of the options available 
> (currently 3 - far less than those in actual deployment and 
> development) when there is a larger ecosystem otherwise not showcased. 
> My gut says this was an unintended consequence due to the broad nature 
> of the projects in the deployment space.
> Best,
> Samuel Cassiba (scas)

This is definitely on our radar.  We realize it's a suboptimal way of 
presenting deployment options, and are working on ways to improve it.