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[Openstack] OpenStack "S" Release Naming Preliminary Results

Hello all!

We decided to run a public poll this time around, we'll likely discuss the
process during a TC meeting, but we'd love the hear your feedback.

The raw results are below - however ...

**PLEASE REMEMBER** that these now have to go through legal vetting. So 
it is too soon to say 'OpenStack Solar' is our next release, given that previous
polls have had some issues with the top choice.

In any case, the names will been sent off to legal for vetting. As soon 
as we have a final winner, I'll let you all know.



1. Solar  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Stein  loses to Solar by 159â??138
3. Spree  loses to Solar by 175â??122, loses to Stein by 148â??141
4. Sonne  loses to Solar by 190â??99, loses to Spree by 174â??97
5. Springer  loses to Solar by 214â??60, loses to Sonne by 147â??103
6. Spandau  loses to Solar by 195â??88, loses to Springer by 125â??118
7. See  loses to Solar by 203â??61, loses to Spandau by 121â??111
8. Schiller  loses to Solar by 207â??70, loses to See by 112â??106
9. SBahn  loses to Solar by 212â??74, loses to Schiller by 111â??101
10. Staaken  loses to Solar by 219â??59, loses to SBahn by 115â??89
11. Shellhaus  loses to Solar by 213â??61, loses to Staaken by 94â??85
12. Steglitz  loses to Solar by 216â??50, loses to Shellhaus by 90â??83
13. Saatwinkel  loses to Solar by 219â??55, loses to Steglitz by 96â??57
14. Savigny  loses to Solar by 219â??51, loses to Saatwinkel by 77â??76
15. Schoenholz  loses to Solar by 221â??46, loses to Savigny by 78â??70
16. Suedkreuz  loses to Solar by 220â??50, loses to Schoenholz by 68â??67
17. Soorstreet  loses to Solar by 226â??32, loses to Suedkreuz by 75â??58

- Paul