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[Openstack] nova live migration setup

Here is some detail on some work regarding live migration -

Some information on that report in terms of setting up live migration was
gleaned from -
- in particular the libvirt configuration parts

Hope this helps.

On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 4:07 PM, David Medberry <openstack at medberry.net>

> Best practice is to use shared storage and then the "copy" is really only
> the active memory. A few changes came about in about the newton? timeframe
> that allows for some memory convergence.
> Take a look at the nova release notes from that time forward and you
> should see reference to the change(s).
> You likely won't get much more detail without providing a lot more detail
> about your environment (and maybe not even then.) This functionality is
> very dependent on your specific configuration regarding:
> storage design
> hypervisor choice
> and is also very dependent upon
> network load
> network bandwidth
> VM size
> VM busy-ness
> network design
> nova structure (regions AZs, etc.)
> -dave
> On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 1:35 PM, Torin Woltjer <
> torin.woltjer at granddial.com> wrote:
>> I can't find any up to date official documentation on the topic, and only
>> find documentation referring to the commands used. What is the best
>> practice for setting up live migration for nova? I have used live migration
>> over SSH in the past, but the documentation for how to do so is lost to me.
>> Also there is live migration over TCP, is this preferable to ssh and how
>> would you set it up. What are any general best practices for doing this,
>> and what recommendations do you have?
>> Thanks,
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