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[Openstack] nova live migration setup

This cluster is still predeployment so some information isn't locked in place but currently:
We are using libvirt/kvm for the hypervisor.
The network is 2 primary VLANs on a 10GiB bond (one VLAN for provider, one for Management & Storage).
Network  load is currently very low, but I can expect it to be under reasonable load. I expect the majority of load to be from storage on the VMs and VOIP traffic.

The real intention of using live migration for us is only for compute node maintenance (without downtime), and not much else.

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Best practice is to use shared storage and then the "copy" is really only the active memory. A few changes came about in about the newton? timeframe that allows for some memory convergence.

Take a look at the nova release notes from that time forward and you should see reference to the change(s).

You likely won't get much more detail without providing a lot more detail about your environment (and maybe not even then.) This functionality is very dependent on your specific configuration regarding:
storage design
hypervisor choice
and is also very dependent upon
network load
network bandwidth
VM size
VM busy-ness
network design
nova structure (regions AZs, etc.)


On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 1:35 PM, Torin Woltjer <torin.woltjer at granddial.com> wrote:
I can't find any up to date official documentation on the topic, and only find documentation referring to the commands used. What is the best practice for setting up live migration for nova? I have used live migration over SSH in the past, but the documentation for how to do so is lost to me. Also there is live migration over TCP, is this preferable to ssh and how would you set it up. What are any general best practices for doing this, and what recommendations do you have?


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