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[Openstack-security] [Bug 1841933] Re: Fetching metadata via LB may result with wrong instance data

Reviewing our taxonomy, this probably fits closest as a class C1 report
due to depending on the existence of other exploitable bugs to leverage.

** Information type changed from Private Security to Public

** Changed in: ossa
       Status: Incomplete => Won't Fix

** Tags added: security

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  Fetching metadata via LB may result with wrong instance data

Status in OpenStack Compute (nova):
Status in OpenStack Security Advisory:
  Won't Fix

Bug description:
  This issue is being treated as a potential security risk under
  embargo. Please do not make any public mention of embargoed (private)
  security vulnerabilities before their coordinated publication by the
  OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team in the form of an official
  OpenStack Security Advisory. This includes discussion of the bug or
  associated fixes in public forums such as mailing lists, code review
  systems and bug trackers. Please also avoid private disclosure to
  other individuals not already approved for access to this information,
  and provide this same reminder to those who are made aware of the
  issue prior to publication. All discussion should remain confined to
  this private bug report, and any proposed fixes should be added to the
  bug as attachments.

  While querying metadata from an instance via a loadbalancer, metadata service relies on X-Metadata-Provider to identify the correct instance by querying Neutron for subnets which are attached to the loadbalancer.
  Then the subnet result is used to identify the instance by querying for ports which are attached to the subnets above.
  Yet, when the first query result is empty due to deletion, bug or any other reason within the Neutron side, this may cause a security vulnerability, as Neutron will retrieve ports of _any_ instance which has the same IP address as the instance which is queried.
  That could compromise key pairs and other sensitive data.

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