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[Openstack-security] [Bug 1750074] Related fix merged to manila (stable/queens)

Reviewed:  https://review.openstack.org/549990
Committed: https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/manila/commit/?id=1949b403e9feb134d0fb2b9d65271292277351ee
Submitter: Zuul
Branch:    stable/queens

commit 1949b403e9feb134d0fb2b9d65271292277351ee
Author: Dustin Schoenbrun <dschoenb at redhat.com>
Date:   Wed Feb 21 17:02:31 2018 -0500

    Log config options with oslo.config
    This removes some custom code inherited from Cinder which was handling
    the output of secret options in a bad way. This patch utilizes Oslo's
    existing utilities to output the Manila configuration options securely.
    Filtering will be done with the "secret=True" option flag.
    Major thanks to Eric Harney for introducing this fix to Cinder.
    Change-Id: I894e011680661c0b73b9592f70a6457e403f18c6
    Related-Bug: #1750074
    (cherry picked from commit 3d7909deb21a1f0be4cd6eca13dc9e8d070f71e2)

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  Cinder logs rabbitmq password on connection log

Status in Cinder:
  Fix Released
Status in Manila:
  Fix Released
Status in OpenStack Security Advisory:
  Won't Fix

Bug description:
  Cinder may log rabbitmq password on connection when DEBUG is on.

  Example on cinder-scheduler.log file after enabling DEBUG:
  (Password has been replaced with XXX)

  2018-02-05 19:21:52.721 35 DEBUG cinder.service [req-a2dbe0dd-
  14c9-4123-a69a-3623e5f0a4d7 - - - - -] transport_url :
  rabbit://guest:XXX at,guest:XXX at,guest:XXX at
  wait /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cinder/service.py:611

  In a production environment, this is pretty bad.

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