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[Openstack-security] [Bug 1713783] Related fix merged to nova (master)

Reviewed:  https://review.openstack.org/498482
Committed: https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/nova/commit/?id=f1215e07a5185a8590104235fcbde4b5a23c3545
Submitter: Zuul
Branch:    master

commit f1215e07a5185a8590104235fcbde4b5a23c3545
Author: ElÅ?d Illés <elod.illes at ericsson.com>
Date:   Tue Aug 22 14:14:56 2017 +0200

    Functional test: evacuate with no compute
    Resource allocation test case:
    Initiate evacuation when no valid host to evacuate to and
    check all resource usages and allocations after.
    This testcase uncovered the bug below. Bug is fixed already, so the
    test contains asserts that cover the correct behavior.
    Related-Bug: #1713783
    Change-Id: I4ced19bd9259f0b5a50b89dd5908abe35ca73894

You received this bug notification because you are a member of OpenStack
Security, which is subscribed to OpenStack.

  After failed evacuation the recovered source compute tries to delete
  the instance

Status in OpenStack Compute (nova):
  Fix Released
Status in OpenStack Compute (nova) newton series:
Status in OpenStack Compute (nova) ocata series:
  In Progress
Status in OpenStack Compute (nova) pike series:
  Fix Committed
Status in OpenStack Security Advisory:
  Won't Fix

Bug description:
  In case of a failed evacuation attempt the status of the migration is 'accepted' instead of 'failed' so when source compute is recovered the compute manager tries to delete the instance from the source host. However a secondary fault prevents deleting the allocation in placement so the actual deletion of the instance fails as well.

  Steps to reproduce
  The following functional test reproduces the bug: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/498482/
  What it does: initiate evacuation when no valid host is available and evacuation fails, but nova manager still tries to delete the instance.

      2017-08-29 19:11:15,751 ERROR [oslo_messaging.rpc.server] Exception during message handling
      NoValidHost: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,103 INFO [nova.tests.functional.test_servers] Running periodic for compute1 (host1)
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,115 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/4e8e23ff-0c52-4cf7-8356-d9fa88536316/aggregates" status: 200 len: 18 microversion: 1.1
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,120 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/4e8e23ff-0c52-4cf7-8356-d9fa88536316/inventories" status: 200 len: 401 microversion: 1.0
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,131 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/4e8e23ff-0c52-4cf7-8356-d9fa88536316/allocations" status: 200 len: 152 microversion: 1.0
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,138 INFO [nova.compute.resource_tracker] Final resource view: name=host1 phys_ram=8192MB used_ram=1024MB phys_disk=1028GB used_disk=1GB total_vcpus=10 used_vcpus=1 pci_stats=[]
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,146 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/4e8e23ff-0c52-4cf7-8356-d9fa88536316/aggregates" status: 200 len: 18 microversion: 1.1
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,151 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/4e8e23ff-0c52-4cf7-8356-d9fa88536316/inventories" status: 200 len: 401 microversion: 1.0
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,152 INFO [nova.tests.functional.test_servers] Running periodic for compute2 (host2)
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,163 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/531b1ce8-def1-455d-95b3-4140665d956f/aggregates" status: 200 len: 18 microversion: 1.1
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,168 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/531b1ce8-def1-455d-95b3-4140665d956f/inventories" status: 200 len: 401 microversion: 1.0
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,176 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/531b1ce8-def1-455d-95b3-4140665d956f/allocations" status: 200 len: 54 microversion: 1.0
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,184 INFO [nova.compute.resource_tracker] Final resource view: name=host2 phys_ram=8192MB used_ram=512MB phys_disk=1028GB used_disk=0GB total_vcpus=10 used_vcpus=0 pci_stats=[]
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,192 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/531b1ce8-def1-455d-95b3-4140665d956f/aggregates" status: 200 len: 18 microversion: 1.1
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,197 INFO [nova.api.openstack.placement.requestlog] "GET /placement/resource_providers/531b1ce8-def1-455d-95b3-4140665d956f/inventories" status: 200 len: 401 microversion: 1.0
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,198 INFO [nova.tests.functional.test_servers] Finished with periodics
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,255 INFO [nova.api.openstack.requestlog] "GET /v2.1/6f70656e737461636b20342065766572/servers/5058200c-478e-4449-88c1-906fdd572662" status: 200 len: 1875 microversion: 2.53 time: 0.056198
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,262 INFO [nova.api.openstack.requestlog] "GET /v2.1/6f70656e737461636b20342065766572/os-migrations" status: 200 len: 373 microversion: 2.53 time: 0.004618
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,280 INFO [nova.api.openstack.requestlog] "PUT /v2.1/6f70656e737461636b20342065766572/os-services/c269bc74-4720-4de4-a6e5-889080b892a0" status: 200 len: 245 microversion: 2.53 time: 0.016442
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,281 INFO [nova.service] Starting compute node (version 16.0.0)
      2017-08-29 19:11:16,296 INFO [nova.compute.manager] Deleting instance as it has been evacuated from this host

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