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[nova] NUMA scheduling

>We have been running with NUMA configured for a long time and don't believe I have seen this behavior. It's important that you configure the flavors / aggregates correct.

We are not looking for pinned CPUs - rather we want shared CPUs within a single NUMA node.

Our flavor properties, for one particular flavor, are:
hw:cpu_cores='4', hw:cpu_policy='shared', hw:cpu_sockets='1', hw:numa_nodes='1'

We already have separate aggregates for dedicated and shared cpu_policy flavors.

> Pretty sure we also set this for any flavor that only requires a single NUMA zone
> openstack flavor set m1.large --property hw:numa_nodes=1

I thought so too, but it doesn't look like the above properties are allowing VMs to be provisioned on the second NUMA node.