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Python 3.9 is here in Debian Sid

On 2020-10-16 10:21:34 +0200 (+0200), Thomas Goirand wrote:
> I also think it'd be nice to have non-voting jobs detecting
> deprecated stuff. For example, a quick grep shows that a lot of
> projects are still using collections.Mapping instead of
> collections.abc.Mapping (which is to be removed in Python 3.10,
> according to the 3.9 release notes). Would there be a way to get
> our CI report these issues earlier?

They're going to all explode, at least until PBR gets some more
changes merged and released to stop doing deprecated things. I've
been slowly working my way through testing simple PBR-using projects
with PYTHONWARNINGS=error (instead of =default::DeprecationWarning)
and fixing or noting the issues I encounter. Up until recently, a
number of its dependencies were also throwing deprecation warnings
under 3.9, but now I think we're down to just a couple of remaining
fixes pending. We didn't want to try to rush in a new PBR release
until Victoria was wrapped up, but now I think we can finish this
fairly soon.
Jeremy Stanley
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