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Python 3.9 is here in Debian Sid

On 10/15/20 4:21 PM, Sean McGinnis wrote:
>> 3.9 is already available in Ubuntu 20.04 (albeit at an RC but it will
>> be updated) so that should not block enabling test gates.
>> Cheers
>> James
> It might be good to add a non-voting "openstack-tox-py39" job to the
> wallaby template:
> https://opendev.org/openstack/openstack-zuul-jobs/src/branch/master/zuul.d/project-templates.yaml#L488
> All official projects should be running with that template now, so it
> would be an easy way to get jobs going and start to see what issues are
> uncovered.
> Sean

I also think it'd be nice to have non-voting jobs detecting deprecated
stuff. For example, a quick grep shows that a lot of projects are still
using collections.Mapping instead of collections.abc.Mapping (which is
to be removed in Python 3.10, according to the 3.9 release notes). Would
there be a way to get our CI report these issues earlier?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)