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High level benchmarking - Openstack Tenant/Provider networking.

Hey everyone,

We are currently working on some baseline user network benchmarking in our
Openstack deployments. We are facing some strange issues where the actual
real-life performance of VM are not what we expect. We have some large
variations in terms of performance between hardware generations that we
would like to confirm the nature of.

While we are looking at deploying OPFNV / smaller tools to give us some
data regarding our performance, are there any community resources that
might list benchmarks previously done by other Openstack users?

Our deployments specs are pretty standard some I'm surprised I couldn't
find some baseline benchmarks online.

Something like :
72 CPU Hypervisor
Linux Bridge with iptables for security-groups implementation
1500 MTU / 9000 MTU with 10G ports

You can expect :
x PPS / x BW for VM to VM on vxlan
x PPS / x BW for VM to VM on vlan

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