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[Kolla] why is Ceph package installed in OVN container?

W dniu 15.10.2020 o 18:32, Sean Mooney pisze:

>> Then, why is that service and release specific package required
>> in base image? It doesn't cause issues other than taking a bit extra
>> space, but shouldn't it be removed if it's not required?

> it shoudl be installed in nova-base cinder-base glance base
> or openstack-base
> but its looks like tis been installed in base for 4+ years
> i dont really know why but it proably can be moved

We install all packages adding repositories in base image. And disable 
them in next step (same layer).

Then images which need those repos have them enabled via 'dnf 
config-manager --enable REPONAME' so it can be used.

This change was done quite a while ago and was improvement compared to 
previous situation when all repos were enabled by default.