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[cinder][manila][swift] Edge discussions at the upcoming PTG

On 13/10/20 16:48 -0400, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
>On 10/7/20 11:27 AM, Ildiko Vancsa wrote:
>>Weâ??ve started to have discussions in the area of object storage needs and solutions for edge use cases at the last PTG in June. Iâ??m reaching out with the intention to continue this chat at the upcoming PTG in a few weeks.
>>The OSF Edge Computing Group is meeting during the first three days of the PTG like last time. We are planning to have edge reference architecture models and testing type of discussions in the first two days (October 26-27) and have a cross-project and cross-community day on Wednesday (October 28). We would like to have a dedicated section for storage either on Monday or Tuesday.
>>I think it might also be time to revisit other storage options as well if thereâ??s interest.
>>What do people think?
>I asked around the Cinder community a bit, and we don't have any 
>particular topics to discuss at this point.  But if you scheduled the 
>storage discussion on Monday, some of us would be interested in 
>attending just to hear what edge people are currently talking about 
>storage-wise.  (Cinder is meeting Tuesday-Friday.)
>If something does come up that the Edge group would like to talk over 
>with the Cinder team, we can make time for that on Wednesday.
>>For reference:
>>* Our planning etherpad is here: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/ecg-vptg-october-2020
>>* Notes from the previous PTG is here: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/ecg_virtual_ptg_planning_june_2020


We in Manila have discussed Edge deployment of shared file system 
service quite a bit.  Currently we think of the problem primarily as 
how to provide safe, multi-tenant shared file system infrastructure 
local to each Edge site so that the data path remains available to 
consumers at the Edge site even when it is disconnected from the core.
We'd like the storage to be available both to workloads running in VMs 
and to workloads running in containers at the edge (whether the 
containers reside in VMs or on bare metal edge hosts).

I'm interested in calibrating this view of the problem set with actual 
Edge use cases and deployment perspectives and I'm sure Manila folks 
(like our PTL Goutham Pacha Ravi) would be happy to join in a 
cross-project session.

-- Tom Barron