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[Openstack][cinder] dell unity iscsi faulty devices

On 09/10, Ignazio Cassano wrote:
> Hello Stackers, I am using dell emc iscsi driver on my centos 7 queens
> openstack. It works and instances work as well but on compute nodes I got a
> lot a faulty device reported by multipath il comand.
> I do know why this happens, probably attacching and detaching volumes and
> live migrating instances do not close something well.
> I read this can cause serious performances problems on compute nodes.
> Please, any workaround and/or patch is suggested ?
> Regards
> Ignazio


There are many, many, many things that could be happening there, and
it's not usually trivial doing the RCA, so the following questions are
just me hoping this is something "easy" to find out.

What os-brick version from Queens are you running?  Latest (2.3.9), or
maybe one older than 2.3.3?

When you say you have faulty devices reported, are these faulty devices
alone in the multipath DM? Or do you have some faulty ones with some
that are ok?

If there are some OK and some that aren't, are they consecutive devices?
(as in /dev/sda /dev/sdb etc).