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On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 11:20 PM dangerzone ar <dangerzonen at gmail.com>

> Hi Team, May I know if anyone has deployed Huawei oceanstor SAN storage
> during overcloud deployment?


Your use of the term "overcloud" suggests you are using TripleO. My
response assumes that is true, and you should probably ignore my response
if you're not using TripleO.

I have not deployed TripleO with a Huawei SAN for the cinder backend, but
it should be possible.

> (i) Do you need a specific driver to define or download in order to deploy
> it?

See [1] for many details related to deploying the Huawei cinder driver.


> (ii) Can I deploy separately SAN storage after overcloud deployment, I
> mean after a month of openstack deployment i want to add SAN storage to my
> infrastructure. Is it possible?

The short answer is yes. TripleO has the ability to deploy additional
cinder storage backends via what's known as a stack (i.e. the overcloud)
update. The initial overcloud deployment can be done using another cinder
backend X, and later you can add a Huawei backend so the overcloud has two
backends (X + Huawei).

> (iii)  Please advise me how to deploy Huawei oceanstor SAN storage.
TripleO does not have specific support for deploying a Huawei SAN, but you
can still deploy one by following [2]. That doc describes the technique for
how to deploy the Huawei SAN as a "custom" block storage device. The
document provides an example for deploying two NetApp backends, but the
concept will be the same for you to deploy a single Huawei backend. The key
will be crafting the TripleO environment file to configure the Huawei
settings described in [1].


One additional thing to note is that I see the Huawei driver requires
access to an XML file that contains additional configuration settings.
You'll need to get this file onto the overcloud node(s) where the
cinder-volume service runs. And if your overcloud services run in
containers (as modern TripleO releases do), then you'll need to provide a
way for the containerized cinder-volume service to have access to the XML
file. Fortunately this can be achieved using a TripleO parameter by
including something like this in one of the overcloud deployment's env file:


That will allow the /etc/cinder/cinder_huawei_conf.xml file installed on
the overcloud host to be visible to the cinder-volume service running
inside a container.


> Please advise further. Thank you
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