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[cinder] wallaby PTG planning + happy hour

Here's your weekly reminder to add topics to the cinder PTG planning 
(and don't forget to register for the PTG)

At today's Cinder meeting, we decided to hold a happy hour on the first 
day Cinder is meeting during the PTG so that everyone can get to know 
each other informally a bit before we get down to serious business for 
the rest of the week.  So please plan to be happy for this hour:
   15:00-16:00 UTC on Tuesday 27 October 2020

You don't have to work on Cinder or even be attending the Cinder 
sessions of the PTG to attend the happy hour; but we do request that you 
be happy if you attend.

Unfortunately, due to the virtual nature of the PTG, the only beverages 
available will also be virtual (but you can have as much as you want!). 
Or you can bring your own actual beverages (in which case, you can also 
have as much as you want!).