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[kolla] Restarting RMQ

Hi Albert. In my case, I usually do restart the RMQ container directly when
RMQ got some issue.

BTW, for the env which use only 2 ethernets ( 1 for Neutron External &
another for other interfaces.) and both 1Gb/s speed, or disk I/O is not so
powerful for system, often met RMQ brain split.
That made me need to restart whole RMA cluster sometimes.
I still investigate this issue without hardware or network changes. The
temp workaround is increase net.ticktime in RMQ configuration. Although the
issue still exist but not so often at least.

Mark Goddard <mark at stackhpc.com> æ?¼ 2020å¹´10æ??7æ?¥ é?±ä¸? ä¸?å??9:19寫é??ï¼?

> On Wed, 7 Oct 2020 at 13:11, Braden, Albert <C-Albert.Braden at charter.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > When I learned OpenStack at eBay we ran RMQ on dedicated VMs. My new
> employer runs kolla and everything is in containers. When I was running RMQ
> on VMs, it would lock up and we would have to restart it on all 3 VMs. If
> that didn't work, we had a "cold start" procedure where we would stop all
> 3, delete the contents of /var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/ and then run some
> commands to set the correct config and permissions before starting.
> >
> >
> >
> > What is the correct way to restart RMQ in kolla? Should I log into the
> containers and restart services there, or use rabbitmqctl, or just stop and
> start the containers? Is stop/starting the containers the equivalent of the
> "cold start" procedure?
> Hi Albert. You shouldn't ever need to exec into containers to restart
> services - restart the containers. Kolla Ansible has some
> orchestration in place to avoid restarting all nodes at once. However,
> the deploy command won't restart containers unless something has
> changed. For a cold start, you would need to stop the containers (you
> could use kolla-ansible stop --tags rabbitmq), then run a deploy
> again. Note that state in Kolla is stored in Docker volumes, which get
> bind mounted into containers.
> Mark
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