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[kolla] Restarting RMQ

On Wed, 7 Oct 2020 at 13:11, Braden, Albert <C-Albert.Braden at charter.com> wrote:
> When I learned OpenStack at eBay we ran RMQ on dedicated VMs. My new employer runs kolla and everything is in containers. When I was running RMQ on VMs, it would lock up and we would have to restart it on all 3 VMs. If that didn't work, we had a "cold start" procedure where we would stop all 3, delete the contents of /var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/ and then run some commands to set the correct config and permissions before starting.
> What is the correct way to restart RMQ in kolla? Should I log into the containers and restart services there, or use rabbitmqctl, or just stop and start the containers? Is stop/starting the containers the equivalent of the "cold start" procedure?

Hi Albert. You shouldn't ever need to exec into containers to restart
services - restart the containers. Kolla Ansible has some
orchestration in place to avoid restarting all nodes at once. However,
the deploy command won't restart containers unless something has
changed. For a cold start, you would need to stop the containers (you
could use kolla-ansible stop --tags rabbitmq), then run a deploy
again. Note that state in Kolla is stored in Docker volumes, which get
bind mounted into containers.

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