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[kolla] kolla_docker ansible module

I opened bug #1897948[1] the other day and today I was trying to figure out what needs to be done to fix it. In the mariadb backup container I see the offending line "--history=$(date +%d-%m-%Y)" in /usr/local/bin/kolla_mariadb_backup.sh and I had assumed that it was coming from https://github.com/openstack/kolla/blob/master/docker/mariadb/mariadb/backup.sh and the obvious solution is to replace "$(date +%d-%m-%Y)" with "$HISTORY_NAME" where HISTORY_NAME=`ls -t $BACKUP_DIR/mysqlbackup*|head -1|cut -d- -f2-4` but when I look at the playbook I see that backup.sh appears to be part of a docker image. Is the docker image pulling /usr/local/bin/kolla_mariadb_backup.sh from https://github.com/openstack/kolla/blob/master/docker/mariadb/mariadb/backup.sh ?

On my kolla-ansible build server I see /opt/openstack/share/kolla-ansible/ansible/roles/mariadb/tasks/backup.yml[2] which appears to be an ansible playbook calling module kolla_docker, but I can't find anything about the kolla_docker module on the googles nor on the ansible site.

Where can I find the documentation for ansible module kolla_docker?

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/+bug/1897948
[2] http://www.hastebin.net/bimufefosy.yaml

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