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[ptl][release] Wrapping up Victoria

Hey everyone,

We are getting close to being done with the Victoria development cycle. This is
one more reminder that there are just a few days left to finish up any critical

This Thursday, October 8, is the deadline for any new release candidate
releases for any cycle-based services. After Thursday, no new releases should
occur for Victoria development until the final coordinated release next

After this Thursday, the release team will be proposing a patch to re-tag the
last RC release of each deliverable to be the final version for Victoria. We
encourage PTLs to +1 this patch to capture that metadata with the release.

This is not the time to -1 the patch and ask for more time to push anything
final in. After this Thursday, we should basically be done with Victoria
development. Only if there is a very, very critical issue discovered will we
allow any updates after Thursday and before the final release next Wednesday.
Any other bugfixes and important updates will need to wait until after next
week's coordinated release to be part of a stable release off of the
stable/victoria branch.

Please let us know if you have any questions as we wrap things up.

Sean McGinnis and the entire Release Management Team