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[charms] Zaza bundle tests

absolutely - could do designate, which I'm working on now anyway, and has a
large number of bundles.  You're right, an illustration and something to
check against would be helpful.

On Mon, 5 Oct 2020 at 19:04, Chris MacNaughton <
chris.macnaughton at canonical.com> wrote:

> On 04-10-2020 08:54, Xav Paice wrote:
> > I was writing a patch recently and in order to test it, I needed to
> > make changes to the test bundles.  I ended up making the same change
> > across several files, and missing one (thanks to the reviewer for
> > noticing that!).
> >
> > Some of the other projects I'm involved with use symlinks to a base
> > bundle with overlays:
> -- snip --
> > This means that I can edit base.yaml just once, and if a change is
> > specific to any of the particular bundles there's a place for that in
> > the individual overlays.  When we have bundles for each release going
> > back to Mitaka, this could be quite an effort saver.
> I'd be quite interested in seeing where this could go, as there is a lot
> of duplication in the charms' test code that could probably be
> dramatically reduced by taking this approach! Could you propose a change
> to one of the repos as an example that we could functionally validate,
> as well as confirming the assumption that the only differences between
> the bundles is the series, and openstack-origin/source configs?
> Chris MacNaughton
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