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[charms] Zaza bundle tests

On 04-10-2020 08:54, Xav Paice wrote:
> I was writing a patch recently and in order to test it, I needed to
> make changes to the test bundles.  I ended up making the same change
> across several files, and missing one (thanks to the reviewer for
> noticing that!).
> Some of the other projects I'm involved with use symlinks to a base
> bundle with overlays:
-- snip --
> This means that I can edit base.yaml just once, and if a change is
> specific to any of the particular bundles there's a place for that in
> the individual overlays.  When we have bundles for each release going
> back to Mitaka, this could be quite an effort saver.

I'd be quite interested in seeing where this could go, as there is a lot
of duplication in the charms' test code that could probably be
dramatically reduced by taking this approach! Could you propose a change
to one of the repos as an example that we could functionally validate,
as well as confirming the assumption that the only differences between
the bundles is the series, and openstack-origin/source configs?

Chris MacNaughton

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