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[all][release] One following-cycle release model to bind them all

> After having discussed this here and in several IRC discussions, there
> appears to still be enough cases warranting keeping two cycle-tied
> models (one with RCs and a round version number, the other strictly
> following semver). The simplification gains may not be worth
> disrupting long-established habits and tweaking all our validation
> toolchain.
> Instead, I'll work on improving documentation to guide new
> deliverables in this choice, and reduce corner cases and exceptions.
> Thanks for entertaining the idea and reaching out. Periodically
> reconsidering why we do things the way we do them is healthy, and
> avoids cargo-culting processes forever.
Thanks for bringing up the idea Thierry. I agree, it's worth looking at
what we're doing and why occasionally to make sure we're not doing
things just because "that's what we do."

I think some good feedback came out of all of this at least, so maybe we
can still simplify some things, even if we can't fully collapse our
release models.