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[neutron] subnet policy for ip allocation

On 6/11/20 4:46 AM, Ruslanas Gžibovskis wrote:
> Hi team,
> I need that my IP addresses in subnet would not be allocated from the 
> beginning, but it would go to the next IP compared to previous used:
> instance1 created:
> Instance2 created:
> instance1 deleted.
> instance2 deleted.
> Instance3 created: (not again)
> I remember have read about such, do not remember how to google it...

Hi Ruslanas,

The Neutron IP allocator does not do sequential allocation any more, it 
will choose randomly from a set of available IPs in the subnet.  So the 
odds of this happening are small, although not zero.  The only way to 
change this would be to write your own IPAM driver to do allocation in a 
specific way if that is required.