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[nova][libvirt] Support for MIPS architecture?

On Fri, 2020-06-05 at 17:51 +0800, èµµæ??ç?³ wrote:
> Hi    I'm trying to run openstack on a host with MIPS architecture, but got some errors, and I have fixed
> them.    Many people around me use hosts with MIPS architecture. We hope the official can add support for MIPS and we
> can maintain it. Thanks, xiaolin
to state that mips is fully supported would require an automated ci running on mips hardware.
if you can provide ci resources either to the first party ci or via a third party ci that projects can consume
we may be able to test that the basic functionality works. in the long run support for other architectures really
required a concerted effort from a vendor or community that runs openstack on that architecture.

there recently has been a effort to add more aarch64 testing but traditionally anything that was not x86 fell to
third party hardware vendors to test via third party ci. i.e. the ibm provided powerVM and power KVM CIs to test nova on
power pc.