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[ops][ptg] Virtual Ops Meetup at the PTG

Hello all,

Your friendly neighborhood Ops Meetup Team is hosting a first ever (and
very experimental) Virtual Ops Meetup Wednesday, June 3rd at 13:00 UTC on
the foundation Jitsi server. You can find us here:


Meetpad will open an integrated Ehterpad to go along with the meeting, but
if you'd prefer to have it separate, just replace "meetpad" with "etherpad"
in the URL.

We recommend using Chrome wherever possible. If you're on a mobile device,
there is also a Jitsi Meet app for iOS and Android that work pretty well.

The schedule has us going until 15:00 UTC, but we'll continue as long as
people are around and want to keep it going. I look forward to seeing a few
(or many!) of you in a few hours!

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