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OpenStack Foundation Community Meetings

Great, thanks.


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Hi Tim, 

Yes, both meetings will be recorded and shared on the mailing list afterwards along with the slides and an etherpad for folks to share any questions we may not cover so we can circle back. 


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I can't make it to the event.. do you know if they'll be recorded ?


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Hi everyone - 

In case you didnâ??t see the post on the Foundation mailing list, we have a community meeting tomorrow where we will be talking about updates to OSF events as well as project updates and how you can get involved in the 10th year of OpenStack campaign. 

One meeting will be in English and one in Mandarin. 

Bring your questions and see you then! 


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Hi everyone, 

Next week we are going to have two community meetings to discuss the OpenStack 10th anniversary planning, current community projects, and an update on OSF events. Please join if you would like to hear updates or if you have questions for the OpenStack Foundation team.

Join us: 
*	Thursday, April 2 at 10am CT / 1500 UTC 
*	Friday, April 3 in Mandarin at 10am China Standard Time

If you are unable to join one of the above times, I will share a recording to the mailing list after the meetings.


Allison Price
OpenStack Foundation
allison at openstack.org <mailto:allison at openstack.org>
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