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Inline comments from Zuul

Hey everybody,

Yesterday mnaser finished up a long-standing TODO list item we had of leveraging Zuulâ??s ability to leave inline comments on changes by parsing out things like linter output and dropping them on changes. This is now live.

Weâ??ve run in to a few gotchas (turns out thereâ??s a lot of people doing a lot of different things) - all of which weâ??ve either fixed or have fixes in flight for. Notably there is a usage pattern of running pylint but only partially caring about the results, which turns inline comments from pylint output into complete noise. Weâ??ve turned off the inline comments in openstack-tox-pylint:


although if your project uses it and would like inline comments from it, they can be re-enabled in your project. Similarly the same flag can be used to disable inline comments if your project decides they don't want them for some reason.

Work is under way to add parsing for Sphinx output and golangci-lint output.

If anybody runs in to any issues - like the results are too noisy or something is breaking where it shouldnâ??t, please let us know and weâ??ll get on it as quickly as possible.