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[Telemetry][TC]Telemetry status

Tobias Urdin wrote:
> I can  volounteer to spend time on Ceilomter and Gnocchi while I have 
> some mimimal knowledge on Ceilomter
> and pretty much none on the Gnocchi codebase I would like to see the 
> project continued.
> Another thing would be if Gnocchi should be moved back or if I should 
> somehow get in contact with the former
> Gnocchi maintainers and see if we can get access to GitHub?

If the goal is to maintain Gnocchi as-is for the narrow OpenStack use 
case, my preference would be to fork / move it back to opendev, under a 
gnocchi namespace. That would ensure a clean cut from the unmaintained 
"gnocchi for all the things" project on GitHub, and reset expectations.

If the goal is to take over Gnocchi and support all other use cases, 
then maybe taking it over on GitHub might be easier to ensure continuity.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)