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[Telemetry][TC]Telemetry status

On 12/19/19 3:07 AM, Rico Lin wrote:

> In long term, IMO we need to have a ultimate solution for all. A 
> standard way so whatever
> other tools or service is developing, on the other can use it too.
> An tool/sdk/interface (and no need to build another service) to support 
> both project.
> Or if there's better solution for it.
> And what need to done if we would like that.
> Will Telemetry and Monasca team interested on this?
> I would like to propose we move that discussion somewhere else, like 
> in Monasca or Telemetry's team meeting?
> Will ask if any TC can help to coordinate.

I'm definitely interested in discussing long-term solution for 
monitoring as Thierry suggested.